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“No matter how large we get,
we’ll always be a small company”

This has been our motto for over 25 years.
Started in 1979 by Audiologist Thomas J. Henderson,
Henderson & Associates has become one of the most
reputable and trusted mobile health providers on the East coast.
Exponential growth in business and services has not changed the
unique “small business” characteristics we have always had.
We provide personalized service, have a friendly and qualified staff,
and complete all testing and processing quickly and efficiently.
These are qualities we believe make our company one of a kind.

Now here are the details….

At Henderson & Associates, we provide mobile health services to
businesses and industries of all types and sizes. We specialize in the
development of comprehensive hearing conservation and respiratory
protection programs that ensure compliance with the Occupational
Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, as well as specific
agency guidelines and recommendations.

We currently have 6 fully equipped mobile testing trucks with 2, 4 or 6
individual booths. State-of-the-art microprocessor audiometers and spirometers are used to conduct testing. Tests are performed by
experienced and professional CAOHC certified and NIOSH trained

We currently have offices in:
North Carolina - serving all of the Northeastern United States.
Alabama - serving all of the Southeastern United States.
Texas - serving all of the Midwestern United States.